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Satori Reporting & Data Warehouse

Turnkey NetSuite Reporting in PowerBI


Satori Reporting via Power BI

Satori Data Warehouse via Azure SQL

Satori means "sudden enlightenment."
Satori Reporting will bring you NetSuite reporting enlightenment. 
Click here for the interactive Satori Reporting "Dashboard/Report Starter Pack" Example 
Our Story

After years of implementing 3rd party NetSuite reporting tools, and witnessing them fall short of customer needs, Satori has developed the most complete solution on the market.

-Josh, CEO & Certified NetSuite Implementation Consultant

Our Value/ROI

Integrations and Joins: Connects all your NetSuite data in a single tool for all of your financial and operational reporting requirements (unlimited joins within your NetSuite data).

Modeling: Answer tough business questions such as customer/item/transaction level profitability, forecasting, predictive analytics. Leveraging analytics on average returns 3-5% Net Income improvement.

Transaction Level Detail: Includes all transaction level details with URL links back to the transaction in NetSuite.

Near Real-time: Automatically refreshes (REST API connector) with your NetSuite data up to every 15 minutes without any manual intervention (No ODBC required).

BvA Reporting: Unlimited versions of budget/forecast reporting.

Time Savings: 50-90% reduction in time spent preparing reports.

Implementation: Less than 2 weeks.


We leverage the following best in class tools:

  • Microsoft PowerBI

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft Azure SQL

  • Oracle NetSuite

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Analysis Services

  • Azure Function Apps

  • Tactical Connect


Satori Reporting Details

What's Included

  • NetSuite Integration Application - Automated process for exporting NetSuite Saved Search Data with up to every 15 minute refreshes

  • Publish PowerBI Dashboards in NetSuite Portlets - Ability to publish and interact with PowerBI dashboards in NetSuite portlets

  • NetSuite Data Model in PowerBI - Automated process for importing NetSuite data into a pre-built data model that replicates NetSuite in PowerBI, includes:

    • All NetSuite Transaction Types (100% of your transactions at line level)

    • Your Key NetSuite Record Types

    • Google Analytics and Adwords

    • 100% of NetSuite Time Dimensions (i.e down to the second)

    • >15 measures/KPIs

    • URL drill back to view all original transactions

  • Dashboard/Report Starter Pack - Starter pack of prebuilt reports (Income statement, Balance sheet, financial overview, budget vs actual, customer analysis, etc.)

  • Training - PowerBI training – you will be able to build your own dashboards/reports after this training!

  • Budget/Forecast Import - Ability to import and report across unlimited budget/forecast versions via a standardized import template

  • Optional: Data Warehouse - We have a turnkey Azure SQL data warehouse that implements in 2 weeks using our NetSuite Data model. 


One Reporting Tool for All of Your NetSuite Data

EPM Solutions can't handle all your transaction level detail. We can. Therefore, EPM users lose the ability to have all of their data in one tool. 

Satori Reporting consumes 100% of your NetSuite 

data down to the transaction level, providing one reporting tool where all of your data is accessible. 

Budgeting and Forecasting

EPM tools sell you on the fact that they allow users to create their own budget/forecast outside of Excel. Yet, after implementing EPM tools over 200 times, our team discovered that the majority of our clients still had their users prepare their budgets in Excel, due to high user license costs.

Satori Reporting allows you to import unlimited versions of your Excel budget/forecast for reporting. Also, PowerBI and Tableau offer predictive analytics/forecasting functionality.

Cost and Ease of Use

Annual EPM Software Costs

$30-100k/year due to high module and user license costs


Satori Reporting:

starting at $15k/year with unlimited users

Average EPM Implementation:

175 hours or $35k over 2 months.


Average Satori Reporting:

No implementation fees

Data Modeling

What is Modeling? Modeling is your ability to build formulas and calculations within your data to help you answer business questions.


For example:

  • What is my profitability by customer, item and/or transaction?

  • Which customers are we most at risk for losing?

Power BI allows us to create models using all the available data (i.e. down to transaction level) while EPM tools don't have this level of needed data for proper modeling and don't have the flexibility within their modeling functionality. 

EPM vs. Satori Reporting


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