NetSuite's Only Pre-Built BI/Reporting Solution


Satori Reporting via Power BI

Satori Data Warehouse via Azure SQL

Satori means "sudden enlightenment."
Satori Reporting will bring you NetSuite reporting enlightenment. 
Our Story

After 100+ NetSuite implementations and having our customers reporting requirements exceed NetSuite's functionality, Satori has developed the most complete solution on the market.

-Josh, CEO & Certified NetSuite Implementation Consultant

Some of our Customers

We leverage the following best in class tools:

  • Microsoft PowerBI

  • Microsoft Azure SQL

  • Oracle NetSuite

  • Azure Analysis Services

  • Azure Function Apps

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Tactical Connect

  • and more...


What's Included

  • NetSuite Connector - Automated process for exporting NetSuite Saved Search Data with up to every 15 minute refreshes

  • Publish PowerBI Dashboards in NetSuite Portlets - Ability to publish and interact with PowerBI dashboards in NetSuite portlets

  • Scalable/Customizable NetSuite Data Model - Pre-built NetSuite data model with the full ETL process ready to go in <2 weeks. The data model includes:

    • All NetSuite Transaction Types (100% of your transactions at line level)

    • Your Key NetSuite Record Types

    • Google Analytics and Adwords

    • 100% of NetSuite Time Dimensions (i.e down to the second)

    • >15 measures/KPIs

    • URL drill back to view all original transactions

  • Dashboard/Report Starter Pack - Starter pack of prebuilt reports (Income statement, Balance sheet, financial overview, budget vs actual, customer analysis, etc.)

  • Training - PowerBI training – you will be able to build your own dashboards/reports after this training!

  • Budget/Forecast Import - Ability to import and report across unlimited budget/forecast versions via a standardized import template

  • Implementation - no charge and takes <2 weeks

  • Optional:

    • Data Warehouse - We have a turnkey Azure SQL data warehouse that implements in <2 weeks using our NetSuite Data model. 

    • Additional Data Sources - We can integrate all your other data sources to create a truly enterprise wide reporting platform.

    • Consulting/Customization - we are experts in all things BI and Data Warehousing. We are here to help you with all your requirements. Many of our customers use us an outsourced BI/Reporting department. 


Turnkey NetSuite BI Value

Unlimited Joins & Data Sources

NetSuite Saved Searches limit you to one join – Satori Reporting supports unlimited joins. See your data end-to-end!

We can integrate your NetSuite to any data source such as SalesForce, Google, Prior ERP Data and more. This creates a "one version of the truth" reporting environment for your whole company. 

Modeling and Analytics

PowerBI is excel on steroids with tons more modeling and formula capabilities.


Examples include:

  • Rev Rec Forecasting

  • Sales Order Level Profitability

  • Alternate Financial Reporting Structure

  • Daily & Historical Inventory Levels/Turns

  • Machine Learning & AI

  • Mapping

Automated Reporting and Excel Reduction/ Elimination



Automate your reporting and get out of excel!

Typical report preparation times are reduced by 50-100%

NetSuite Data Back-up

Ensure you always have access to your NetSuite data.


It is a best practice IT risk management practice to always have a back-up of your data. The cost/impact of not having access to your data for one-day often far exceeds our annual fee. 

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